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Black teens beat white motorist to death with a hammer in St. Louis

Update: St. Louis Mayor Slay once witnesses a racially motivated  black on white mob attack and probably saved the victim’s life. However, now he is shamelessly downplaying the horrific lynching murder of Zemir Begic to curry favor with the media.

Update: A witness filmed Begic being taken away by paramedics. The witness saw the perps were yelling “f%^k white people” and “kill the white people” right before the attack. The cheif of police would have known about this when he lied to the public and claimed the attacks were not racially motivated.

Update: A third suspect has been arrested. The suspects are black males aged 15, 16, and 17.

Update: There were four white victims total. Zemir Begic’s aunt and wife were with him during the attack. Another white victim was attacked with hammers an hour earlier, but fought the attackers off. He only had cuts on his neck and arms.

A white male was attacked in his car around 1:15 AM Sunday morning in the south side of St. Louis by black teenagers. They began damaging his car. When he got out of his car they smashed his face in with a hammer and killed him. Police nabbed two black teens aged 15 and 16. Two more suspects are being sought. Police say one of the remaining suspects may be Latino.

The victim was hit in the face multiple times and also the abdomen. Police say two different hammers were used. He died of his wounds in the hospital.

The victims is Zemir Begic, 32. a Bosnian who had just moved to the city. St. Louis has one of the largest Bosnian communities in the US. (The media originally reported he was visiting from Miami. It appears he recently moved to the Bevo Mills neighborhood from Iowa.)

Begic appears to have been attacked solely because he is white. Young blacks in Ferguson are being encouraged to commit racial violence by national organizations, including the Nation of Islam. 

The media is treating this as “hush crime.” If the races had been reversed, it would be the single biggest news story in the USA right now. Instead, the media is not even reporting the race of the violent, at-large suspects. Political correctness take precedent over public safety in the media.

One thing that should be pointed out. In Minneapolis, Mike Brown supporters climbed onto an occupied SUV on a busy road. They started smashing windows and beating on the car. The driver took off to get away. The “mainstream” media then claim the driver “hit protesters with his car on purpose.” Well, this is what happened when someone didn’t hit the gas and speed off!

Bosnian community in St. Louis comes out to protest.

Over fifty members of the Bosnian Community gathered at the site of the murder this evening (Sunday). The crowd included Arijiana Begic, the victim’s wife. Police shut down traffic on Gravios Avenue because of the crowd. The murder took place near Bevo Mill, the main Bosnian area of St. Louis. In an attempt to diffuse tempers in the Bosnian community, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson made the remarkably naive comment that there was no evidence to indicate the victim was chosen because he was Bosnian. Well, you don’t say! Does any reasonable person seriously think the black perps checked the victim’s ethnicity any further than to notice that he was White! Mourners said they fled Bosnia to escape genocide in the 90s, and are now being killed by blacks. A 19 year old Bosniak was murdered in a racial hate crime by blacks last year.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for the Begic’s memorial.