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Bombshell! Brown’s stepfather was behind phony “Hands Up” claim

Witness #14 testified that Louis Head, stepfather to Mike Brown was source of “embellished” versions of the Mike Brown shooting. Head is also the man who is on video urging Mike Brown supporters to set fires in Ferguson last Monday night. 26 structures were set on fire, including a black church.

Witness #14 was sympathetic to Mike Brown, and had met Brown in the past. National Public Radio is calling witness #14 one of the most import witnesses. NPR stated today that witness 14 “offers some of the most compelling testimony.”

Witness #14 identifies Louis Head as the source of the false claim that Mike Brown was shot in the back. He also identifies Louis Head as the source of the fake claim that Mike Brown had his hands in the air.

We know know that over a dozen people committed perjury during the Grand Jury process. Louis Head was most likely one of them. Under Missouri law, committing perjury for the purpose of securing a murder conviction is a class A felony.

Even if Head did not encourage, or at worst threaten, others into repeating phony claims, he committed a class A felony if he testified to these fake claims himself.

Actual transcript. Witness 14 in red.

Alright, let-let?s back up a little bit then um, when you come down and
there are people saying things that-that you didn?t quickly
after those last shots were fired was that happening I mean where
people were actually saying things like that?

After he hit that ground I would say it took at least about a minute.

Okay and that?s when the crowd starts to gather. You said it was like an

In a minute-in a minute maybe 20 or 30 about two minutes then three
minutes it leads to be about 70 or 80 big group.

Alright. And just the crowd growing but people talking
about saying things that didn?t happen.

Right, right especially they started embellishing it when the stepfather
showed up.

When I?m sorry?

The stepfather.


Oh, the stepfather.


And when you said they started embellishing what did you hear?

Oh um, the officer ran up behind him shot him in the back.

And that?s not true?

Not true.

What else?

Um, he ah, he had his hands straight up in the air, not true. Um, then ah
um, some guy I don?t know who in the heck he was we never seen him
before was um, I don?t know where he came from he came out of the
blue um, he was coming out saying, ah, that the Mike had
reached in and got the officer?s gun out of his hand, not true you know.

You had mentioned on August 12th that um, after that it was everyone
started coming from the back saying oh my God he had his hands up in
the air telling him don?t shoot-don?t shoot-don?t shoot and you said he
never uttered a word.


Right, referring to Michael Brown?

Right, that I could hear.

And then you 

That could hear I couldn?t hear.

Right an then you went on and you said that?s when everyone come
back and all of them started saying things like oh, he was on his knees.

Yeah, that?s another thing.

And when he shot him, he shot him on his knees.


And then they came by and they said oh, he was laying down and the
officer shot him in the head.

No, that was false.

None of those things happened?

None of those things happened, none of those things.