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Cleveland 12 year old was menacing other children with realistic metal bb gun

This is the super realistic looking bb gun, that media and agitator are describing as “a toy.”

Race hustlers, media, and far-left are already pushing the narrative that an innocent 12 year old boy kid was “murdered” by a Cleveland police officer for having a “toy gun.”

The usual suspects are already calling this “worse than Ferguson.”

Here are the facts.

The “toy gun” is one of those super realistic looking metal bb guns. It appears to have a workable action and removable grips, just like a real semi-automatic pistol. It even has a realistic looking magazine. The gun looks more realistic than many of the guns sold as non-functional theatrical guns for plays.

A man had called 911 to report the 12 year old was menacing other kids with the gun on a playground. Threatening someone with a gun, even if it is just a realistic looking fake, is a felony.

Police say they ordered the 12 year old to put his hands up. Instead he pulled the bb gun from his waistband.

If a twelve year old pulled this “toy” out and aimed it at you, would you fire back in self-defense?