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Evidence that subway platform murder was racially motivated

The man arrested for pushing a 61 year old Asia to his death in NYC had targeted another Asian man for a violent attack just days earlier.

The man is also a major career criminal with a long history of violence.

From New York Post…

The man who pushed a Bronx father to his death in front of a subway train knocked another man — an Asian, like the first victim — off his feet on a West Village platform just 10 days earlier, law enforcement sources said.

Kevin Darden — who was arrested outside his mother’s house in The Bronx on Tuesday — assaulted the first man because he dared to walk in front of him, the sources said.

“I’m warning you!’’ Darden, 34, barked at the victim after shoving him to the ground at the West 4th Street station around 5:30 p.m. Nov. 6, the man told cops.

Darden, who has more than 30 prior arrests, pushed him so hard that he suffered bruises to his hands and back and needed treatment at NYU Medical Center.

The victim, 51, came forward Tuesday after seeing a surveillance photo of Darden that cops released following the fatal shove of Wai Kuen Kwok, 61, in The Bronx on Sunday, sources said.

He told police he could pick Darden out of a lineup, which helped them get a warrant for his arrest, the sources said.

Darden was charged with murder Tuesday night.