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Famous writer slaughtered in racial hate crime in Oakland

David Ruenzel, a famous writer, was killed while hiking at a park in Oakland Hills. This is the eastern portion of the city of Oakland. Police are looking for two black males.

The media is calling it “a robbery,” the standard euphemism for black on white hate crime violence. Nothing of any significant value appears to have been taken. The perps just thought it would be fun to murder a white man.

The San Francisco Bay area continues to be one of the hot spots for racially motivated black on white murders. Over the past few years, this website has reported on a multitude of racially motivated black on white murders in Oakland.

The region has a long infamous history of hate crime violence against white people.

It was in the Bay area that the “Zebra Killers” slaughtered as many as 72 white victims. The perps were members of a Nation of Islam splinter groups that awarded points for killing white people. They preyed on easy targets such as elderly and homeless people.

Despite this notorious history, the city of San Francisco subsidizes a black only Nation of Islam private school. The city provides them with a building rent free.


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