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Full scale mass rioting and looting in Ferguson

Most of the following information has come straight from the Ferguson police department scanner. Click here to tune in to the Ferguson, MO police scanner

University City double shooting. A woman was murdered and a University City police officer seriously injured by a man “with dreadlocks.” Police believe the perp was the son of the woman that was killed. Police say they do not believe the double shooting was related to Grand Jury decision.

Black male found dead of a gunshot wound at the Canfield Green Apartments. This is the apartment complex where multiple fires were set.

An elderly white man with an oxygen was carjacked and then run over with his own car.

At least fourteen people are being treated at local hospitals for injuries related to the violence.

Keep checking this page for updates.

26 Structures were set on fire:

Canfield Green Apartments.

Beauty Supply Store in neighboring Dellwood, MO burned to the ground.

Fashion R boutique has burned to the ground.

The entire intersection of W. Florissant and Canfield was being described as “everything on fire” on the police scanner.

Black owner antique store gutted by fire.

Taco Bell fully engulfed in flames.

Red’s BBQ set on fire by armed men.

O’Reily Auto Parts fully engulfed in fire.

Walgreen’s set on fire.

Little Caesars Pizza has been set on fire.

A storage building set on fire using Molotov cocktails.

Sams Meat Market set on fire.

The fire department was forced to retreated from the Walgreen’s fire due to shots fired.

At least one man was shot in Ferguson.

Hundreds of gunshots fired in dozens of incidents.

Several burglaries and mugging took place outside of the large scale looting.

Cars set on fire in front of Dellwood City Hall.

At least 29 arrests have been made in Ferguson so far. Many for many felonies.

At least three memebers of the media were attacked:

Female CNN reporter was hit by a rock live on the air.

A cameraman for FoxNews was attacked.

A journalist was hit in the head and injured with either a brick or a large battery.

Another police car smashed up.

“Black male shooting at passing cars”

Shots fired with a rifle from a car.

Rioters are blocking I-270.

An Auto/Tire shop is being destroyed. Stolen car rammed into front.

Gunshots aimed directly at the Ferguson police department.

Men spotted brandishing guns near police station.

One man spotted brandishing an AR-15.

Fires started.

Police car set on fire.

At least two police cars have been smashed up by mobs.

The Ferguson Market & Liquor has been looted.

A Boost Mobile cell phone store has been looted.

A BP Gas station has been looted.

A Walgreen’s store has been looted.

A Family Dollar store has been looted.

A Dollar General store has been looted.

A Toys R US store has been looted.

Barborshop robbed/looted by two men.

A white journalist has been bashed with a brick in Ferguson.

Another victim was seen being attacked by a mob.

Rioters are blocking traffic and climbing on cars in Ferguson.

Rioters are hurling bottles as police.

Gunshots have also been reported in neighboring Clayton and Florissant.

Other cities:

A huge mob is blocking traffic in Philadelphia