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Garth Brooks cancels Tonight Show appearance to show solidarity with Ferguson rioters

Left-wing pop/country music star Garth Brooks says he is cancelling his Tonight Show appearance to show solidarity with the rioters in Ferguson.

The move highlights the fact that the major “country music acts” have little in common with their fan base. Current “country music stars” are more pop music than anything else. Most of the people running the industry are on the far-left, like the Bronfman family.

These singers are little more than paid actors. They are used to promote cultural Marxism by their handlers.

Effeminate, pop-sounding “country music” stars like Garth Brooks have little, if anything, in common with classic country music stars like Hank Williams, David Allen Coe, Johnny Cash, George Jones, and others.

Singers like Garth Brooks are often referred to in terms like “neo-country,” “alt-country,” or “urban cowboy.”

Garth Brooks was supposed to appear on a special Thanksgiving episode of the Tonight Show this evening. He released a statement today cancelling. He said it would be “distasteful” to perform given the events in Ferguson.

Militant Black Power groups and the Revolutionary Communist Party have been urging supporters to “shut American down.” It appears Brooks is honoring their call.

People who own Garth Brooks albums are being encouraged to smash them and boycott all future concerts.