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Haaretz: Jewish political power is surging around the world.

According to Haaretz, the number of Jewish people serving in parliament outside of Israel has surged 18% since 2005. In several major countries, including the United State, Jewish people serve on Federal legislative bodies in numbers that vastly exceed their percentage of the population. Haaretz says the information comes from the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians [ICJP].

Haaretz says that Tuesday’s election in the US increased the number of Jewish US Senators and US Congressmen. While Jews make up between 2.1-2.6% of the population of the USA, they now make up 13% of the US Senate and 6.9% of the US House of Representatives.

The present chairman of the Democratic party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is Jewish.

In Britain, Haaretz says Jews make up 2.8% of the Parliament and 4.9% of the House of Lords. Jews make up an estimated .46 – .57% of the population of Britain.

The leader of the British Labour Party, Ed Milliband, is Jewish.

Haaretz says that Jewish political power has also increased in Canada, France, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, and Tunisia.

Ironically the US media often portrays Jews as being persecuted in the Ukraine and Hungary. The Ukraine is about a quarter of a percent Jewish. However, Haaretz says that the Ukrainian parliament is 4% Jewish.

Hungary is estimated to be .5-.9% Jewish. Haaretz says Jews make up 2.6% of the Hungarian parliament.

Most shocking of all, there is a Jewish member of the Tunisian parliament. Tunisia is a Muslim country with only about 900 Jews. About .008% of the country.