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HoGeSa to march against radical Islam in Hamburg & Berlin

HoGeSa is a single issue apolitical protest movement, similar to the English Defense League, to oppose the Islamification of Europe. Like the EDL, many involved are active in soccer fan clubs.

Hooligans Against Salafism [HOGESA], an effort by soccer clubs to oppose radical Islam in Germany, is snowballing across the country. The movement drew thousands of people to Cologne to protest radical Islam. Now they are hoping for large marches in Berlin and Hamburg on November 15th.

Spiegel Magazine is calling HoGeSa an “unexpected phenomenon” that has taken Germany by surprise.

About 5,000 people pledged to attend the marches on Facebook, before Facebook deleted the event page. Facebook has been waging a censorship campaign to block HOGESA from using the site to promote their events.

The movement also held a march in Dresden last Sunday with over 500 people.

Marxist gangs, known as Antifa, and radical Islamic groups say they will oppose the marches in Berlin and Hamburg. Much of the Muslim immigrant population in Europe view themselves are conquering Jihadists, not immigrants. All across Europe, Muslim gangs are setting up “no-go” zones where Sharia law is enforced and non-Muslim women are raped with impunity. Marxists view Muslim immigrants as a new left-wing voting block.

Thousands marched against radical Islam in Cologne until police attacked the demonstration with water cannons and pepper spray. Germany does not have freedom of speech like the United States.