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Huffington Post demands public schools honor Brown with “counternarrative”

According to the Huffington Post guidelines, this image of Mike Brown assaulting and robbing an innocent person would not be part of public school projects. Mike Brown would only be depicted in a positive light.

Mike Brown was a violent criminal who died brutally attacking a cop. He was videotaped committing strong armed robbery earlier in the day. Since then, he own mother has been charged with leading a violent mob attack on rival family members for selling Mike Brown t-shirts. Mike Brown’s grandmother and cousin, on his father’s side, were injured. His stepfather is on video urging protesters to commit arson. He has also been fingered by one of the lead witnesses as the source of fabricated accounts of the shooting. The very church that Mike Brown’s father attends was burned down by Mike Brown supporters.

Now, the radical left is demanding that school children be forced to honor Mike Brown in schools. The left-wing Huffington Post, one of the biggest websites in the USA, is endorsing a plan to for school children to honor Mike Brown.

What’s worse is the Huffington Post openly admits that they want school children to be a taught a one-sided “counternarrative” of what really happened. Huffinton Post calls for students to be given a “counternarrative,” that leaves out negative facts or images. In order words, an account full of dis-proven falsehoods.

Huffington Post also openly admits that the purpose for forcing children to honor Mike Brown is political. Huffinton Post says the project will make students more “more sociopolitically aware.” So what the Huffinton Post wants is for students to be given a fictional account of the Mike Brown story, told to honor him, for the purpose of brainwashing students into supporting a particular political agenda.

If the Huffington Post actually wanted students to be more “sociopolitically aware,” they would tell schools to teach facts, not a phony “counternarrative.”

From Huffington Post…

After introducing these cases, the teacher can ask students what connections, if any, exist across these cases and allow students to discuss the connections that they make. This not only allows students to be more sociopolitically aware but develops their critical and higher-order thinking.

One of the chief ways to engage youth in the first few weeks of school and also develop their sociopolitical awareness is to give them an assignment to write letters to all those who are involved in the shooting.

During the first few weeks of classes, students can create a memorial to Michael Brown on a classroom bulletin board. This activity involves having students use whatever they feel skilled in to create something that would honor Michael Brown and other people who have been victims of police and other violence. Students may choose to draw, write poetry, design art pieces, paint, or collect news clippings. Students can use this opportunity to create a counternarrative to negative stories and images about Ferguson and Michael Brown, or even to document stories and images they have seen in the media about the case. Engaging in this type of activity allows teachers to understand youth strengths and form classroom solidarity.