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“Mainstream” media explains what causes black people to riot

Ironically, Mike Brown supporters in NYC targetted CNN headquarters for not being pro-Mike Brown enough. In Ferguson, at least three media personnel were attacked Monday night.

The “mainstream” will make any excuse in the world for violence committed by blacks. Even as media personnel themselves are being attacked. During the post-Zimmerman trial rioting, two members of the media were brutally beaten in the street in Oakland, CA. Another was attacked in Los Angeles. At least three members of the media were attacked in Ferguson Monday night. One of them during a live broadcast.

Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness (by Colin Flaherty)…

The day after the riot ,on “Morning Joe”, I learned from a black reporter that because the district attorney of St. Louis took 25 minutes to explain the grand jury decision that was proof positive the cop should have gone to trial. And reason enough to riot.

Joe and Mika shook their heads more in sadness than anger.

Then on CNN, I learned the rioters did not like the tone of the District Attorney’s remarks. And that is why they did it.

Riot night, I learned black mob violence is “understandable,” or so quoth the President of the United States. (Yes, of America.) But I guess we already knew that from his speech at the United Nations.

Also on riot night on Fox, Megyn Kellly — the devotee of the damages of white privilege — agreed with a black guest who said the rioters threw molotov cocktails because St. Michael was left in the street for four and half hours.

Back at “Morning Joe”, a former Republican White House staffer said it was all about police-community relations. Roughly translated that means too many black people were breaking the law. And too many white cops were catching them.

All this she learned from the greatest speech of the Obama presidency, she said.

Unsaid was how they recently cancelled outstanding warrants to buy the peace. And how did that work out?

I learned that cops in riot gear cause riots.

That was after we learned the riots were “largely peaceful.”

Back at CNN, I learned that black mob violence is no big deal because white people do it too. Just as often. Just as bad. So singling out Ferguson is racist.

Also unsaid: the hundreds of cases of recent black mob violence around the country.

Ferguson was not the only. Just the latest.

No one mentioned Louisville, and how last Spring 200 black people rampaged through that downtown, beating grandparents in front of their grandkids, destroying property, stealing, looting, and creating mayhem.

And when it was over, PBS was kind enough to report that all of that black mob violence was the result of “white racism.”