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Man killed during Ferguson riot was intentionally set on fire.

DeAndre Joshua, 20, was robbed and murdered in the middle of the Mike Brown mayhem. The media couldn’t care less.

This is the murder victim who was found dead near the Canfield Green Apartments. The national media is not reporting this. If you have been following this site, you already know that a man was found dead in his car Tuesday morning.

There was conflicting information as whether he was shot or killed with a brick. Local police now say that he was shot in the head. Then the perps intentionally set the body on fire inside his car. At least one of the car windows was broken and stained with blood.

Mike Brown supporters were shooting off guns and setting fires at the Canfield Green Apartments. Because of the large number of cars torched in the area, no one even noticed one had a dead body inside it until about 9:00 AM Tuesday.

A family member of the victim says he was robbed of possessions.

Rioters may have shot DeAndre Joshua by accident or on purpose. However, they definitely set his body on fire on purpose to cover it up.

While the national media continues to hype Mike Brown’s death, they are completely silent about DeAndre Joshua.

Several other black on black muggings were reported to the police in Ferguson.