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Media Blackout! Black male slaughtered during Ferguson carnage

DeAndre Joshua, 20, was robbed and murdered in the middle of the Mike Brown mayhem. The media couldn’t care less.

This is the murder victim who was found dead near the Canfield Green Apartments. The media is not reporting this. If you have been following this site, you already know that a man was found dead in his car this morning right next to where Mike Brown supporters were setting fires and shooting off guns.

The Canfield Green Apartments was one of the main riot areas and multiple fires were set at the apartments. Mike Brown was shot and killed in front of the Canfield Green Apartments.

Police initially thought Joshua had been shot. However, it seems he was smashed in the head with a brick. One of his car windows is broken and stained with blood.

Family members say he was also robbed of possessions.

Several other black on black muggings were reported to the police in Ferguson.