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Media refuses to report on white cop that was kidnapped/murdered by blacks

Imagine if four white police officers kidnapped and murdered a black male. It would be the biggest news story in America for a year.

Yet last January four black males actually kidnapped a white Waynesboro, VA police officer and murdered him. It has been a heavily censored “hush crime.” Even local media pieces censored all details about the perps. The media desperately doesn’t want the public to know. Only websites, such as this one have covered it.

However, a small daily paper out of Lowell, Massachusetts published a letter to the editor about the racial hate crime murder this weekend.

Do not underestimate the power of letters to the editor. More people read letters to the editor than the news. All conservative activists should consider sending letters to the editor to their local papers.

From Lowell Sun…

Earlier this year in Virginia, Waynesboro police officer Kevin Quick was kidnapped and murdered by four black gang members with affiliation to a national gang from Los Angeles. Quick was driven from ATM to ATM where he was made to withdraw money, then driven into the woods where he was executed as a way for the murderers to move up in the gang.

Nowhere in the national media was this murder of a police officer put to paper. But when a white police officer shot a black man named Michael Brown in Missouri, it made the national news for months. What hypocrites the media has become. Where is the outrage for Quick? Where are the beserk protesters burning and looting in the name of officer Quick?

Where is the white outrage? Where is the hatemonger Al Sharpton?

What if white supremacists, Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan showed up in Virginia and began to riot like the socialist and communist thugs in Ferguson and St. Louis? Would they say the police overacted when they dragged those white thugs away? I don’t think so.

But I guess it is OK to kill a police officer, especially a white one.

If the mainstream media had any courage, they’d put Quick’s story out for consumption right next to the skewed story of the black teen from Ferguson.

But in the eyes of the liberal media elite, when you control the press, you control the message. Quick didn’t deserve what happened to him any more than Brown did, but I don’t hear any wailing for the cop. What a sick country we’ve become.

Gerry Ward