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Mega-tax cheat Al Sharpton drives most expensive production car in the world

Race-pimp Al Sharpton’s personal pimp mobile. The $475k Rolls Royce Phantom.

Last August this website reported that Al Sharpton owed over $4 million in back taxes. Months later this is finally being reported by major media outlets.

Al Sharpton’s tax debt includes a $2.6 million Federal lien for unpaid personal income taxes. Almost a million in unpaid state income taxes. His main organization, National Action Network, owes almost a million in back taxes. His other organization, Rev-Al communications, owes almost a half million.

He also has an outstanding balance of over $200,000 withe the FEC for his failed political campaigns.

In 2004, Al Sharpton got himself a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom for his 50th birthday. This is the most expensive production car in the world, with a base price of $475,000.

Why didn’t the IRS seize this luxury item to help cover his back taxes?

Celebrity gossip website,, estimates Al Sharpton’s net worth at $5 million. The site also say he is being paid $500,000 by MSNBC, per season, to host Politics Nation.

Al Sharpton has the means to pay his massive back tax debt. Instead he is wined and dined by the president of the United States and allowed to rack up debts with the government with absolute impunity.