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Mike Brown supporters turn violent in Portland

Jeffrey Martens of Hillsboro was punched in the face at random by a masked black male.

Caught on video: Mike Brown supporters blocked traffic in Portland and a masked black male punched a random white motorist in the face while he was looking at his cell phone.

The white victim exits his car, but is immediately surrounded by hysterical Mike Brown supporters, both black and white, who taught the victim. They screamed slurs like “fat ass” and “faggot” at him, while protecting the perpetrator.

This is what the Revolutionary Communist Party and violent far-left gangs are calling “Energetic Civil Disobedience.” This is nothing more than violent criminal mischief.

The protest in Portland was organized by a coalition of Marxist, Black Power, and Jewish groups including Portland Copwatch, Portland Jobs with Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland, All African People’s Revolutionary Party, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Killjoy Prophets. Seven people were arrested.


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