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Mike Brown’s own family encouraged massive arson attacks in Ferguson

26 structures were set on fire in Ferguson. Click here for a partial list of structures set on fire.

Some of the structures were black owned businesses. Most, if not all of the structures where places of employment for black men and women.

Remember that the mother of Mike Brown is already facing felony charges for leading an attack on rival family members for selling Mike Brown t-shirts. Mike Brown’s grandmother and cousin were allegedly assaulted and robbed in an attack led my Mike Brown’s mother.

After the announcement of the Grand Jury decision, members of the Brown family were videotaped encouraged protesters to set fires. Mike Brown’s stepfather, who was armed in arm with Mike Brown’s mother, screams “burn this bitch down” over and over at the protesters. The pair are flanked by other friends and family, some of whom are wearing masks.

This was undoubtedly seen as a green light, by the Brown family themselves, to commit arson.

Micheal Brown’s mother “I don’t want motherf&*^ing calm”

Watch CNN’s desperate damage control segment to defend Mike Brown’s violent mother!