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Milwaukee police chief fights back against anti-white hatred

Local black power activists in Milwaukee are being egged on by Al Sharpton and others to demonstrate over a police involved shooting death of a black schizophrenic. The shooting took place in October after employees of a Starbucks called police to complain about the man loitering.

The officer involved in the shooting has been terminated from his job, but has not yet been charged with a crime. A grand jury is deciding whether the officer should be charged with a crime.

Agitators tried to shout down the Milwaukee police chief when he spoke at a Fire and Police Commission meeting earlier this month. However, the chief stood his ground.

A video of the police chief lashing out against mob is being widely denounced online by black power sites, Marxist site, and even major mainline leftists sites.

Wisconsin has the second highest black murder rate of any US state. The state is about 6.3% black and over half of all blacks in Wisconsin live in Milwaukee.

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