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MO Lt. Gov. suggests Obama ordered National Guard stand down in Ferguson

While was national guard completely absent from riot zone?

This webmaster was listening to the police scanner live during the Ferguson riots. Police and firefighters were overwhelmed by armed thugs. There were numerous calls by the dispatcher for police and/or firefighters to flee from certain areas. Many burning building had to be abandoned because armed thugs were shooting at firefighters.

This was all being reported live on the scanner.

However, there was almost no mention of the national guard whatsoever on the scanner the entire night!

The lack of action by the national guard to prevent 26 structures from being set on fire and other mass violence, has been a mystery.

Now the Lt. Governor says he believes the order for the National Guard to stand down came directly from Obama.

In 1957, the power of a Governor to use his state’s national guard to protect citizens was stripped by the Federal government. This happened when the Federal government seized control of the Arkansas National Guard to use troops to forcibly integrate a Little Rock High School. Since then, National Guards have been under the control of the White House, not the Governor.