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Mom charged with leaving kids in hot car spent legal defense fund on rap album!

$114k was raised for Shanesha Taylor. Mostly from white leftists who claimed she was proof of a “racist judicial system.”

From New York Daily News…

The Arizona mother who left two of her kids in a hot car during a job interview spent thousands of dollars in donation money “to finish her baby daddy’s rap album,” a former supporter claims.

Shanesha Taylor was charged with felony abuse earlier this year, but prosecutors said she could avoid jail if she put $40,000 in donations into a trust fund for her children. A New Jersey woman had helped raise $114,000 for Taylor after her plight — and teary mugshot — went viral.

Taylor, however, failed to put the money in the trust fund by the deadline imposed by the judge, throwing away the “deal of a lifetime,” said her attorney Benjamin Taylor.

Prosecutors charged that Taylor was spending more than $4,000 a month on non-essential items, and now a former supporter of hers says she even spent some dough on a rap album.

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