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Motorcyclist injured in racial hate crime attack in Ferguson. Media Censors.

During other “protests,” black males have ripped down American flags and burned them.

Racially motivated black on white hate crime violence is occurring daily in and around Ferguson, MO.

The latest attack occurred right in front of the Ferguson police station. Black “protesters” hurled a full beer bottle hitting a man on a motorcycle. When he stopped his bike, the thugs surrounded him. He was knocked over by a van, possible on purpose.

The story is being censored by the local media. They are refusing to report that it was black perps attacking a random white person. Political correctness is considered more important than public safety.

From KMOV…

A motorcyclist was knocked over by a van after being struck by a beer bottle thrown by a protester outside of the Ferguson Police Station Sunday night.

A motorcyclist was struck in the helmet by a full beer bottle while he was pulling out of the lot between the fire and police departments.  Police say when the motorcyclist stopped to see who threw the beer he was surrounded and then bumped by a van, which knocked him over.


White St. Louis attorney seriously injured in random hate crime mob lynching.

Left-wing white man joins black protesters. Gets beaten up and hospitalized for being white.

Black protesters in Ferguson attack random white man while yelling racial abuse. Fergsuon police watch and do nothing.

Ferguson mob attacks random white people as they leave Rams game.

Journalist/Author Charlie LeDuff attacked by Ferguson mob for being white.

Radical white Marxist is brutally attacked by black males when tries to join the protesters in Ferguson.