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MSNBC airs 21 minute attack piece on St. Louis County ADA Kathi Alizadeh

National Public Radio, Associated Press, and ABC National News have all conceded that numerous pro-Mike Brown witnesses committed perjury. Mike Brown was not shot in the back. Mike Brown also did not have his hands up. At least a dozen witnesses committed Class A felony perjury under Missouri law.

A man, described by NPR as “the most compelling witness,” fingered Mike Brown’s own stepfather as the source for both phony made up accounts.

Instead of conceding that the media’s Mike Brown narrative was false from the start, MSNBC has launched a new narrative. The network aired a 21 minute sensationalist attack piece on Assistant District Attorney Kathi Alizadeh! They are accusing her of misconduct and gross incompetence. They say she torpedoed the Grand Jury process and made it impossible to get an indictment.

MSNBC is the same network that openly green-lighted black on white hate crime violence. Network hosts urged black protester to “go to white safe havens” and “make white people feel uncomfortable.”

MSNBC is the same network in which a host compared the self-defense shooting of Mike Brown to 911.

MSNBC is the same network in which a host claimed it is treason to criticize Obama.

MSNBC is now trying to ruin another’s person’s life in a desperate attempt to keep their flim flam Mike Brown narrative going.

Why would MSNBC devote an entire half hour, with commercials, to attacking one ADA in one Grand Jury hearing? Clearly the network is intentionally trying to foster racial hatred. They are trying to keep alive provably false claims that have been totally buried with the fact. For the past three months the network has been relentlessly hammering the fake Mike Brown narrative and openly promoting and encouraging hatred against white people.

Clearly MSNBC is about as credible as grocery store rags that print articles about Bat Boy and Sasquatch.