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Muslim groups capitalize on Mike Brown

For almost the entire history of Islam, the relationship between Muslims and Sub-Saharan black people looked like this.

hey enslaved black people for over 1,200 years. For centuries Muslims, especially Arabs, Berbers, and Turks, used sub-Saharan African women as sex slaves and sub-Saharan African men as cannon fodder slave soldiers. Wealthy Muslim men also used castrated sub-Saharan African men as guards.

Muslim rulers would even mass murder their armies of African slave soldiers if they didn’t have any wars for an extended period of time. The slave soldiers would be killed and replaced with no slaves.

Turkey only banned slavery in 1908. Saudi Arabia did not give up their black slaves until the international community pressured them into it in 1956!

Yet now, Muslim groups say they are in solidarity with American blacks over the self-defense shooting of Mike Brown.

Muslims groups are even part of coalitions that are organizing protests, some violent, over Mike Brown.

Arab Muslim groups in the Middle East are posting messages of solidarity on social media.