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Obama spending tens of millions to put 3rd world “refugees” in Kentucky

The Obama regime is spending hundreds of millions of Federal tax dollars to transport and re-settle African and other 3rd world “refugees” into the USA. In fact, the Obama administration gave $4.7 million in just one year to just one operation in Kentucky alone.

The Obama administration gives grants to profiteering “charities” who bring the refugees to the United States and oversee there settlement. The people who run these profiteering “charities” make a fortune at the public’s expense. Often the “refugees” commit astronomical crime rates and never get off welfare. When it comes time to vote, the refugees are rounded up and taken to the polls in buses to vote Democrat.

Obama gave $4.7 million in Federal funds to Kentucky Refugee Ministries [KRM] headed by John Koehlinger in 2012. It is likely that KRM received an equal amount, or even more, in 2013, and 2014. KRM is placing the “refugees” in tax-payer subsidized housing in Louisville and Lexington.

In 2012, KRM spent $2.14 million on salaries and employee benefits. 41% of everything they took in went to pay salaries and employee benefits! They get rich, taxpayers get stuck with the bills and the high crime!

This is just one of several refugee profiteering “charities” that are in operation in Kentucky. Kentucky Refugee Center, a branch of Catholic Charities, received $11.3 million in grants money from Obama in 2011 alone.

Numerous communities around the USA have become completely overwhelmed by the costs associated with these refugees. The refugees also greatly compound existing social problems. In Columbus, Ohio and Minneapolis, MN Somali “refugees” were brought in huge numbers at taxpayer expense. Now they are engaged in open ethnic warfare with black Africans.

In Columbus, Ohio black Americans see themselves in direct competition with Somalians for the limited number of subsidized apartments. Huge race riots between American blacks and Somalians have broken out in public schools in both Columbus, Ohio and Minneapolis, MN. Black and Somalia families fight each other in line for new section 8 units. Black and Somali gangs kill each other in the streets for drug turf.

Somali refugees have cost the city of Columbus, Ohio millions a year in added costs, not covered by Obama’s grants. The Somalians quickly learned that they could commit many crimes with impunity simply by pretending they can’t speak English. Providing unnecessary translators to Somali crime perpetrators has cost the city millions of dollars all by itself. Often, victims of Somali crime are urged not to press charges because the police department and courts can not afford to spend more on translators. This webmasters knows people personally who have been victimized by Somalians only to have Columbus police plead with them not to press charges.

Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the USA and has a bad job market. Obama has crushed the coal industry in Kentucky with crippling over-regulation. So why is Obama dumping moving 3rd world “refugees” to Kentucky, most of whom will spend their lives living on welfare? The refugees will stretch existing social services in Kentucky to the brink.

Click here to see the KRM board of directors.

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