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Open letter to the white people of St. Louis


Though we’ll likely never meet, since the events of August 9th I’ve watched the unfolding calamity in not just Ferguson, but the entire metropolitan St. Louis area, with great interest.

Having already read a great deal about St. Louis and the wonderful history of your city, the immediate reaction by the established national press and left-of-center magazines to side (canonize in the process) with the late Michael Brown – using the shooting of Brown as an opportunity to denounce the purportedly evil segregation of the region as the primary catalyst for disparities of outcome and inequality in the black communities – and portray the unnamed police officer in his shooting as a terrorist left me with only, simple conclusion: the soon-to-be named Officer Darren Wilson had done nothing wrong.

White people must learn: We are all Darren Wilson

Nor have the white residents of metropolitan St. Louis area done anything wrong in deciding to decamp from once prosperous neighborhoods, communities, cities, or counties when the presence of newly arrived black migrants from downtown St. Louis (many sporting shiny new Section 8 Vouchers) threatened the peace, prosperity and quality of life you were accustomed to and enjoyed.

The social capital that was broken when this migration commenced was only possible due to the collective individual efforts of white people and white families, creating an environment where streets were safe for kids to play and businesses flourished; conversely, as we see in 98 percent black East St. Louis, a city devoid of whites and overflowing with blacks equates to these individuals collectively creating a community where all trappings of modern civilization collapse.


Interestingly, wherever the former white residents of these decaying, now majority black suburbs (think Ferguson) retreat to, prosperity quickly follows.

In reading about your city and metropolitan area, a few anecdotes quickly put into clear focus why St. Louis is so special and a reminder of the dangerous folly in refusing to understanding the biological reality of race.

Back in 2008, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported an experimental ShotSpotter Location System, which can “detect how many shots were fired, which side of a building they came from and whether the shooter was moving,” to aid police in fighting crime, was installed in area of St. Louis – Wells-Goodfellow – that is 97.5 percent black and .7 percent white:
A $250,000 Justice Department grant paid for the pilot program in Wells-Goodfellow, where 14 homicides happened in 2007. The neighborhood is bounded by Martin Luther King Drive, Union Boulevard, Natural Bridge Road and the city limits.

Police say they will seek to expand the system if it works well. It costs about $200,000 per square mile, according to ShotSpotter.

Doesn’t this one story speak volumes about who is causing the violence in the city of St. Louis and why you would be against government programs granting Section 8 Vouchers to those living in public housing the ability to live near you?

Stories of black teenagers participating in group attacks on primarily white people (some of these blacks teens as young as 13 years of age, and pregnant) happen with such frequency it hardly seems odd to learn Mayor Francis Slay stumbled upon such a ‘knockout game’ assault in 2011.