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Persecution of Nobel prize winner James Watson continues

For years, the man who co-discovered DNA has been persecuted as “a racist.” The world famous scientist was kicked off several “academic” boards and blacklisted by Universities for refusing to lie about behavioral genetics. The radical left, which controls most western Universities, demands that all “academics” tow the Marxist line that intelligence is purely the product of environment.

Over one hundred years of scientific studies shows that intelligence is largely determined by a person’s genetic make-up. However, the left-wing denounces anyone who says this as “a racist.”

From UK Mail Online…

A scientist who was part of the team that discovered DNA has been forced to sell his Nobel Prize after he was shunned by the scientific community for comments that linked race and intelligence.

James Watson sparked an outcry in 2007 when he suggested in an interview with the Sunday Times that people of African descent were inherently less intelligent than white people.

The American scientist said he had become an ‘unperson’ since making the controversial remarks and is now selling his prize in a bid to ‘re-enter public life’.

The medal, the first to be auctioned by a living recipient, is expected to fetch as much as £2.5million when it goes under the hammer at Christie’s in New York next week.

Dr Watson shared the 1962 Nobel Prize, awarded for uncovering the double helix structure of DNA, with British scientists Maurice Wilkins and Francis Crick. The discovery was made by Watson and Crick, who used experimental data that had been gathered by Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin.

Dr Watson, 86, said that he was fired from the boards of a number of companies after making the inflammatory race comments, adding that he has not given any public lectures since.

He told the Financial Times: ‘No one really wants to admit I exist’.

He said he would use the money from the sale of the medal to supplement his income, which now comes solely from academic institutions.

Dr Watson added that he would use some of the proceeds to give back to institutions that have supported him, including the University of Chicago, where he was awarded his undergraduate degree, and Clare College, Cambridge.