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Ferguson Riot Day2

Last night 26 structures were set on fir. Cars were torches. Three members of the media were assaulted. One man was murdered.

Most of last nights violence occurred in Ferguson. However, Dellwood, Clayton, and Florissant also saw rioting and gunshots. Dellwood say major arson attacks as well.


Rioting and looting has resumed in Ferguson.

Two black males in a car rammed a Ferguson police car and then led police on a high speed chase.

Rush Hour Traffic

A mob has shut down a major busy intersection in downtown St. Louis in the middle of rush hour traffic.

They are also blocking the Martin Luther King bridge on the Missouri River.

Protesters smashed barricades in front of the St. Louis Federal building.

We will be posting more updates on this page shortly.

Outside of St.Louis County

Rioters black roads during rush hour traffic in several cities.

Rioters blocked I-75 in Detroit, Michigan this evening.

As many as 200 people are occupying Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office. They say they will stay for 28 hours.

Several rioters arrested in Los Angeles.