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online casino “white gentrifiers” cause black men to harass white women blames “white gentrifiers taking over black neighborhoods” for the aggressive harassment of white females by black males in NYC.

We reported earlier that, a leading extreme Marxist website, has been attacking the feminists groups behind the NYC catcalling video.

Previously, denounced the feminists as being part of some kind of conspiracy to make black people look bad. The hidden camera footage they took showed that it was mainly black males, and some Latinos that were aggressively harassing white females on the streets on NYC.

Now, is upping the ante. They are actually claiming that white people cause black men to harass white females on the street. wrote that the harassment of white females by black men is caused by “white gentrifiers taking over their neighborhoods.” also once claimed that all white females who belly dance are racist.

From (written by extreme Marxist Emily Gould)…

Part of being honest about street harassment and creating awareness of it has to be an honest assessment of the ways this kind of harassment can be a way marginalized groups talk back to the white gentrifiers taking over their neighborhoods. I liked Roxane Gay’s tweet about the video, where she admitted that what made it so hard for people to figure out how to respond appropriately to it was that: “It’s difficult and uncomfortable to admit that we have to talk about race/class/gender/sexuality/ability/etc, all at once.”