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TIME Magazine: Violent rioting is justified if you are black

TIME Magazine says black violence is justified because white people are “racist.”

The once prestigious TIME Magazine actually published on article titled “In Defense of Rioting.”

TIME Magazine says that Mike Brown supporters were justified in burning down 26 structures, including the church that Mike Brown’s own father attends, because they are black and victims of “racism.”

TIME Magazine goes on to denigrate actor Kevin Sorbo and the TEA Party movement for being critical of blacks who committed mass violence in Ferguson.

TIME Magazine says white people have “privilege” while blacks lack “basic human rights.” Therefore black people are justified in committing mass violence as a form of protest. The article says white people are intentionally helping other white people succeed, while at the same time intentionally holding back black people.

The article also denounces capitalism and says that capitalism causes white people to be unsympathetic to the plight of blacks. Then the author declares “I am racist because I am white.”

From TIME Magazine…

The violent protests in Ferguson, Mo., are part of the American experience. Peaceful protesting is a luxury only available to those safely in mainstream culture

When a police officer shoots a young, unarmed black man in the streets, then does not face indictment, anger in the community is inevitable. It’s what we do with that anger that counts. In such a case, is rioting so wrong?

Riots are a necessary part of the evolution of society. Unfortunately, we do not live in a universal utopia where people have the basic human rights they deserve simply for existing, and until we get there, the legitimate frustration, sorrow and pain of the marginalized voices will boil over, spilling out into our streets. As “normal” citizens watch the events of Ferguson unfurl on their television screens and Twitter feeds, there is a lot of head shaking, finger pointing, and privileged explanation going on. We wish to seclude the incident and the people involved. To separate it from our history as a nation, to dehumanize the change agents because of their bad and sometimes violent decisions—because if we can separate the underlying racial tensions that clearly exist in our country from the looting and rioting of select individuals, we can continue to ignore the problem.

Because when you have succeeded, it ceases to be a possibility, in our capitalist society, that anyone else helped you. And if no one helped you succeed, then no one is holding anyone else back from succeeding. Except they did help you, and they are holding people back. So that blaming someone else for your failures in the United States may very well be an astute observation of reality, particularly as it comes to white privilege versus black privilege. And, yes, they are different, and they are tied to race, and that doesn’t make me a racist, it makes me a realist. If anything, I am racist because I am white.