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Two more journalists attacked in Ferguson Tuesday night

A freelance photographer and a woman working for a Chinese media outlet, were brutally attacked, robbed, and had their car set on fire by supporters of Mike Brown.

The total number of journalist attacked in Ferguson, since the rioting started, is now five. Three during night one, and two more during night two. This doesn’t even count journalists who were attacked before Monday.

A group of four freelance journalist were filming in Ferguson hen fifteen heavy armed masked black males began walking towards them. The four scrambled in two different direction. The mon, armed with guns and baseball bats, caught up with Emily Molli and Marcus DiPaola. They were beaten up, robbed of their possessions. Then the thugs set their car on fire.

The pair had to flea by foot into a residential area to escape. They eventually found a church group that escorted them to a police checkpoint.

Emily Molli was filming for a Chinese media outlet. Marcus DiPaola is a freelance reporter and photographer.