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Two more likely suspects in Tinley Park terrorist attack identified

Violent Marxist gang members attacked a restaurant in Tinley Park, IL. The attackers are part of an international network of violent Marxist gangs known as “Antifa.” The gang at the center of the attack is Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (HARM). Five members of HARM have been sentenced to prison for the attack. The SPLC has publicly supportef the American network of Antifa gangs and HARM itself. The SPLC has continued to support them, even after the terrorist attack and SPLC spokesman Mark Potok told reporters “they do more harm than good.”

After five of their members were sentenced to prison, the SPLC romanticized HARM as “flawed freedom fighters” in their free magazine. In a bold faced sub-headline, the SPLC called HARM a “constructive force.” The SPLC also falsely claimed that some of the victims of the attack were CofCC members. This is completely untrue. This bizarre falsehood suggested that SPLC staff were openly fantasizing about or, at worst, subtly green-lighting violence against members of this organization.

Five people, all from Indiana were captured after the attack and sentenced to prison time. A sixth suspect has been arrested and charged since then. About 12-14 suspects remain at large.

The gang claimed “white supremacists” were holding a meeting at the restaurant. However, the victims include the restaurant manager and two elderly who were attending a birthday dinner. The restaurant manager was knocked down and brutally kicked while on the ground.

Early in 2014, Ohio attorney Kyle Bristow obtained security footage of the suspects using freedom of information requests. Now, internet sleuths have identified two more suspects from the security footage. The men who did this research would like to remain anonymous, for fear of retaliation from the SPLC.

Note: The two people listed below have identified themselves online as active members of the violent Antifa gang network. They also very closely match perpetrators of the Tinley Park attack that were captured on video. Neither of the two have been charged with a crime for Tinley Park attack.

From anonymous source:

The “brains” behind the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (HARM) are a couple residing in the Bloomington, Indiana area. The group is known for its “doxing” campaigns against political dissidents, intimidation and harassment, as well as outright brazen terrorism as was seen in Tinley Park in 2012. Since then, only 6 members of the “anti-fascist” group have seen “justice”, or rather, slaps on the wrist by a system that implicitly supports them. They could be said to be the armed wing of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who utilize the same tactics but keep up the facade of being part of “polite society”. The Tinley Park attackers were not from Illinois, but instead members of the Bloomington, Indiana based “antifa” chapter who have continued their campaign of harassment and violence since.

Because they lack a coherent argument, Marxists and anarchists believe that attacking innocent families and defenseless citizens who hold a different political opinion is the only way their fraudulent ideology can survive.

Here are the likely suspects of the Tinley Park attack, who to this day are the administrators of and : the “Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement”.

Meet Jonathan Clark and Erin Ray Hanner!

Erin Ray Hanner is a very active member of the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement. Here is a compilation of evidence that put Erin Hanner at the Five Guys Burger prior to the attack, and evidence suggesting she participated in the attack on the Ashford House:

1) The first photo shows Erin R Hanner shooting her wide assortment of firearms while wearing a Hoosier Anti-Racist movement patch. Because she reportedly lives in Bloomington and is a confirmed member of the group, this immediately raises alarms as to her involvement in the Tinley Park attack. Here is a photo of the patch on the HARM website:

2) The second photo is from the Five Guys Burger surveillance footage that showed the Tinley Park attackers unmasked prior to the act. The woman shown bears a striking resemblance in body type to Erin Hanner. Most damning, however, are the atypical black “ear gages” that she wears, which Erin R. Hanner wears in multiple photographs.

3) Here we can see Erin R. Hanner wearing the earrings of the woman in photographer #2.

4) Here is a still from the surveillance footage of the people who attacked the Tinley Park restaurant. Notice the body type is similar to Hanner’s, and the boots she is wearing are the same ones being worn by the woman in the Five Guys footage.

By and large, the resemblance, motive, and involvement is so striking, we will only call her a suspect for legal reasons. Erin R. Hanner has an interesting criminal past, including being charged with abduction, although the verdict is unknown. She comes from a long line of wealthy WASPy lawyers, so it is possible that she feels like she is above the law. Here is her information:
Erin Ray Hanner, 34 years old
Her most recent published address is in Bloomington, Indiana
Facebook Page 
She works at a Salon called “Perfect Illusion”

Next on the Antifa Chopping Block:

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan Clark is the boyfriend of Erin R. Hanner and a “skinhead” who controls the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement facebook page, along with one titled Rock Against Racism. He is a close associate of the Hammond brothers, one of which was arrested at the Tinley Park attack. The evidence on his role in the attack in Illinois is even harder to dismiss:

1) The first photo is of the HARM members without their masks at Five Guys Burger. The glasses, facial hair, and bone structure of the black male in the red suspenders is almost impossible to deny in terms of resemblance to HARM honcho and Bloomington based Jonathan Clark.

2) The second photograph shows the stunning resemblance of Jonathan Clark with the man in the surveillance video.

3) The body build of the masked thug attacking people in the surveillance footage at the Ashford House restaurant is identitical to Clark’s. The fact that the man is black, one of only 2 blacks in the attack footage, at the very least allows us to deduce that the man in the third picture is the same one as the one in the first picture, who is very likely the same one in the second picture.

4) Finally ,this photograph shows Jonathan Clark wearing the same red suspenders, facial hair, and “skinhead” aesthetic as the man in the first photo. Furthermore, in the third picture, the attacker at Tinley Park is wearing Adidas Sambas, which Jonathan Clark also has photographs wearing and which are very popular in the skinhead subculture.

Clark is also a very close friend of Jason Hammond (1st on left in the photo), who was arrested for his role in the Tinley Park attack. They played together in a communist punk band that preaches violence called “Dirty Surgeon Insurgency”:

(Jason Hammond on the left, Jonathan Clark in the middle)

Jonathan Clark lives together with Erin R. Hanner and her son in Bloomington, Indiana. He is originally from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He has been applying to work for the local EMT and worked at a record distributor, but it is unknown how he is employed.

Here is his FB:

Apart from the on the ground culprits, there were some figures in the background who are leaders of HARM but it is unknown if they participated. What is known is that a large group of people being transported across state lines to commit a felony requires coordination and money.

It is uknown if he is involved, but Damon Thompson is a major figure in the “antifa” scene. Under the moniker of “Nomad”, he gave an interview to the Southern Poverty Law Center providing inside knowledge on the Tinley Park incident:

The relationship Thompson has with the SPLC also warrants an investigation, as he appears to be their point man in Indiana. In the aftermath of the Tinley Park debacle, Anti-Racist Action dissolved and became “Torch ANTIFA”, which was founded in Lafayette, Indiana, possibly at the tattoo shop he once worked at (Tattoo City Underground) or the home of Damon Thompson.

His most recent published address is in Lafayette, Indiana.
DOB: Dec 5, 1967