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Two NBPP leaders arrested in St. Louis for illegal gun buys. MEDIA BLACKOUT!

Two leaders of the notorious New Black Panther Party [NBPP] have been arrested in St. Louis, and the media is completely censoring it.

The local media is reporting their names, but not who they are!

Brandon Orlando Baldwin, AKA Brandon Muhammad, and Olajuwon Davis, AKA Olajuwon Ali, allegedly bought multiple guns at the Hazelwood Cabelas sporting goods store. However, they gave the weapons to someone else. The men have been indicted on Federal charges of making “straw purchases.”

The pair were in Federal court today. There are claims that Olajuwon Davis could also be charged with trying to purchase a pipe bomb.

The FBI previously issued a warning to local police departments that the NBPP was “inciting violence” over the Mike Brown shooting.

The NBPP advocates race war and says Allah will aid the black race in exterminating all white people in North America. They espouse Nation of Islam [NOI] theology. Despite their violent rhetoric, they receive support from a large number of black celebrities. Al Sharpton co-sponsored a rally with the NBPP in Harlem in 1998. As recently as 2013, Al Sharpton has publicly expressed his support for the NBPP.