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Two females attacked in racially motivated hate crimes in St. Paul, MN


Is walking while white now a transgression worthy of a beating? Yes, according to 32-year-old Ebony Steward who faces felony assault charges after she punched two women for being white in a black neighborhood.

The idiocy of Steward’s actions are illustrated by the fact that one of the victims wasn’t even white – she was a light skinned black woman.

The two incidents happened in St. Paul on November 14. The first woman was punched in the face by Steward as she was exiting a nail salon, leaving her with swelling and bruising around her left eye. According to MyFox9, the attack was motivated by the fact that Steward “doesn’t like light-skinned people” (even if they are actually black) and can’t stand it when “bitches” are in her way.

Police were called but did not arrest Steward, merely asking her to leave the scene.

However, a short time later Steward launched another assault on University Avenue. “According to the complaint, when they arrived, they saw a woman later identified as Steward pull a woman to the ground in a parking lot and start punching her. Witnesses told officers there was no apparent reason for the violence.”

The second victim, a white woman, received blows to the back of the head and neck. Police arrested Steward and on the way to Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center, she admitted to officers that she assaulted the woman because she’s a “white girl in the hood.”

“Get that white bitch out of my yard, out of the hood,” said Steward, before repeatedly stating that she hated white people. She subsequently claimed that she was “helping” the woman by attacking her “because she would probably come across someone who knew how to punch better or someone who might kill her,” states the complaint.

Steward, who has six previous assault convictions stretching back to 2005, faces up to five years in prison.

The phenomenon of the mainstream media obsessing over incidences of white on black crime while virtually ignoring black on white assaults is an issue that has come to the fore since the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman controversy.