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Young woman beaten in racial hate crime for telling perp to control her kid

A young skinny white female politely asked a much larger black female if she could “please calm down your child.” The woman was letting her kid scream and yell in the checkout line.

Nordstrom is a high dollar clothing store, where you wouldn’t expect to be standing next to a screaming kid in the checkout line.

The large black woman then brutally attacked the white female in the parking lot. She may lose three teeth.

The left-wing San Francisco Gate downplayed the attacked. They wrote “moms make mistakes, and sometimes adventure out into the world when both they and their children are exhausted, emotional and fragile.” If the races had been reversed, the same newspaper would have been calling it a “racially motivated white on black hate crime.”

The radical left-wing news website took things even further. They mocked the white victim and defender her attacker. The far-left news site insulted the way the victim dresses and wrote “mind your business.”

Every single local media outlet censored the race of the violent at large suspect. Political correct is deemed more important than public safety.