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16 yr old arrested for butchering school teacher in Lancaster, PA

From Penn Live…

When Mathewson, a sixth-grade teacher at Brownstown Elementary School, did not come to work, the school contacted a friend who was listed as a contact. That person discovered the body and called the police, Sadler said.

When police arrived, they found Mathewson had been “brutally murdered,” Sadler said.

The injuries Mathewson sustained were a result from force exerted during a burglary of her home during the early morning hours of Dec. 15. 16-year-old Marcus Rutter has been charged with the crime. Police are investigating a possibility of there being a co-conspirator involved.

Rutter became a suspect after the police received an anonymous tip from the Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers. That information did not label Rutter as the perpetrator, but gave police information that led to Rutter becoming a suspect and, eventually, being charged with the crime.

Rutter has been interrogated by police.

“Based on what [Rutter has] said, we’re absolutely sure he participated in this murder, there’s no other way around it,” said Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman.