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16 yr old killed after shooting police officer in Nashville

This case will test the limits of the Mike Brown supporters. They will lionize Brown, even though he attacked a cop after just committing a strong armed robbery. Will the lionized black 16 year old Xavier, who committed burglary and then shot a cop?

From WKRN…

A Metro police officer was shot and a 16-year-old suspect was ultimately killed in an incident in south Nashville Sunday night.

It began as officers were investigating a robbery at an apartment in the 800 block of Long Hunter Court at Hunter’s Trace in Nashboro Village around 7 p.m.

Metro police stated a man called to report he was robbed of his personal belongings by two individuals while he was in his car. An investigation led police to the Long Hunter Court apartment.

Several people were inside and consented to a search, during which officers say they located the robbery victim’s credit card.

While officers were there, a teen came out of a room, saw the police, then retreated to a bathroom, essentially barricading himself.

The suspect, who has been identified as 16-year-old Xavier McDonald, ultimately came out of the room.Negotiators and a special response team were then called to the scene.

Officers attempted to Tase him and take him into custody, but were unsuccessful. McDonald pulled a gun and fired at police, striking one officer in the thigh, according to police.