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2nd white male bashed at Berkeley Eric Garner protest, loses two teeth

web_trafficAt least two white males, who tried to join the Eric Garner protests in Berkely, have been left brutally maimed.

The first was an older white male who was bashed in the side of his face with a hammer. That victim was attacked on Sunday. Eric Garner supporters smashed store fronts and looted valuables the same day.

Another, young white male, was also attacked on Tuesday. This victim lost two teeth when he was brutally beaten by three dark-skinned males.

The entire attack was caught on video.

A males removed burning paper from a dumpster to prevent the entire dumpster from catching on fire. As he stomps out a burning cardboard box, hecklers call him “white boy” multiple times. One voice can be heard saying “burn it all, kill police.”

A female, who appears white, begins screaming “you are acting like police.” Multiple dark-skinned males, wearing masks, brutally attack the white male. The perps appear to be Latino. One can be heard speaking with a Spanish sounding accent.

After the assault, other Eric Garner supporters scream at the victim hysterically. They tell him it is his own fault for being attacked. One heckler screams, “we don’t need whites here.” Video of the victim being screamed out can be seen below.