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Beautiful 16 yr old girl slaughtered in Detroit

A group of teenagers were smoking marijuana in a parked car in Detroit, when a black male sprayed their car with bullets. A 16 year old white female was shot in the head and killed. As many as 30 bullets were fired into the car.

Four other teenagers were in the car, and three of them were wounded. The victims appear to be a racially mixed group.

The media is downplaying the killing as “an attempted robbery gone wrong.” The standard media euphemism for when a white person is killed at random by a black person.

The perpetrator was wearing army fatigues and a bullet proof vest. If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA.

There doesn’t appear to have been any attempt to rob anyone. The shooter walked up and began spraying the car with bullets without warning. The shooter was trying to murder everyone in the car.

The victim is 16 year old Page Stalker. The murder is similar to the recent killing of Ashley Scott, 17, in Gary, IN.

Page Stalker lives in nearby Grosse Point. The media is claiming she is a straight A student.

Page was from a safe 92% white suburb. However, she was hanging out with black males in a black city to smoke marijuana. While most people would immediately recognize this as an extremely life threatening activity, teenage girls are bombarded with propaganda to make it look glamorous.

The entire entertainment industry bombards teenage girls with images of black males as being trendy and hip.

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