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Beautiful 17 yr old Lansing, IL girl slaughtered in racial hate crime

A beautiful 17 yr old white female in Lansing, IL was slaughtered in a black on white hate crime, but the media doesn’t want you to know about it. We only know the race of the victim because of her online obituary.

Ashley Marie Scott was in a car with three friends from High School. They drove up to Ronald McMahan, a 19 year old black male, who had promised to sell them marijuana. Instead they say McMahan pulled a gun and demanded their cash and valuables. The driver pulled his own gun so McMahan would back off. The driver then sped off, but McMahan riddled the car with bullets as they sped away.

Ashley Scott was shot in the neck and killed. The media is downplaying the black on white hate crime as a “a drug deal gone wrong.” In reality, the perp just wanted to murder someone for the fun of it. He stood nothing to gain by killing Scott.

This story is the tragic end result of forced integrated and media propaganda. Even though Scott lived in an 86% white city, Scott was forced to attended a dangerous public school school that is over 60% black. The victim has five brothers and sisters, so it is unlikely that her parents could afford to send her to a safe private school. Scott and her friends drove from their 86% white city to 86% Black Gary, IN to buy marijuana.

She undoubtedly grew up watching movies and music videos that glorify black males are cool and trendy. While most older whites wouldn’t dream of driving up to a black gangbanger to buy drugs, a worldview influenced by MTV and Hollywood would be much different.

It is vital that this cautionary tale gets out to the public, because it could saves lives. Black males commit murder at an astronomical 9 times the white rate.

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