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Black female sentenced to art school for brutally beating the former head of the MN Democrat Party

This is an attack we reported on back when it took place. 63 year Mark Andrew is the former head of the Democrat Party in Minneapolis and a life-long activist for the far-left. He was vicious attacked by two black females and beaten in the head with a metal baton.

Deea LeShawn Elliot, 18, and Letajia Cutler Cain, 18, were convicted of brutally beating an elderly white man with a metal baton in Minneapolis, MN. An unnamed 15 year old black male also robbed the victim.

Elliot, the one who wielded the metal baton, was sentenced to fourteen week of counseling and one year of an “arts program of her choice.”

We thought that lifelong radical far-left activist Mark Andrew would have learned a think or two about the real world. Instead he is the very person who pleaded with the judge not to send his attacker to prison!