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Black males indicted for shooting white female in Danville, KY hate crime

Last September three black males shot a white female Domino’s employee for the fun of it. They have now been indicted for first degree assault and first degree robbery.

They will be slapped on the wrist. However 21 year old Zoe Reed has serious debilitating injuries. The perps robbed the Domino’s where Reed worked. But before leaving, they decided that it would be fun to try to murder a white female.

Reed survived, but has serious debilitating injuries. She has undergone multiple surgeries and has another scheduled for the first week in December.

The attempted killing took place in Danville, KY. This is a small town that is only 13.5% black. The perpetrators are from Harrodsburg,KY, which is an even smaller town and only 7.5% black. Once again we see that black on white racial hate crime violence is occurring everywhere.

The local media is giving it “HUSH CRIME” treatment and the race of the victim and perpetrators are being largely censored in news reports. If the races were reversed, it would have been a national news story.

Black male Nathaniel Sinclair Davis, 16, has been identified as the suspected shooter. His accomplices are Robin Adams, 26, and Patrick Brand, 21, both of Danville, and Rico Penix, 19, Brand and Penix are black males. Adams is apparently a white female who was with the thugs. Often black gang members will have white female drug addicts that they allow to hang around them and use for sex and/or prostitution.