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Black males maim teenager in brutal mob attack in Philadelphia

Click here for surveillance video.

Three black males brutally attacked a seventeen year old. The victim suffered a broken jaw and broken teeth.

Philadelphia police provided media with a surveillance video and statement asking the media for help catching the perps. This statement included a description of the perps as “black males.” Only the Philadelphia Enquirer reported that the perps were black.

ABC Channel 6, CBS Channel 3, and Philadelphia Magazine CENSORSED the race of the perpetrators on purpose. They even made asinine comments like “police need help identifying the attackers” while censoring their race. Obviously they care more about censoring black crime, than helping police catch three vicious at large criminals.

Philadelphia Magazine even falsified the information given to them by Philadelphia Police. They stated “The police only said the suspects were male and did not have any further information.” The police actually described the the suspects as three “black males” in the information provided to media.

The brutal attack took place in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. The victim was waiting to be picked up by a friend.

Racially motivated mob attacks against whites and Asians have been occurring in Philadelphia on a regular basis for years.