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Blacks males kill white 63 yr old woman execution style in St. Louis

Update: Yesterday the media was reporting that the injuries to other victims were minor. This is not true. A 73 year old man is in critical condition. A 65 year old man is in serious condition. A 66 year was treated and released.

Three masked black males walked into a Pooh’s Corner bar single file. One of them put a gun to the head of Diana Lawrence, a 63 year old white female customer, and shot her execution style. She died later at the hospital.

A retired police officer then opened fire shooting two of the perps. The three men sprayed the inside of the bar with gunfire. The perps sprayed bullets all over the bar hitting at least three males aged 65, 66, and 73.

One of the perps was shot in the eye and is seriously injured. A second perp was hit in the shoulder.

The bar is a known hangout for police officers. It also has a white clientele.

At this time it appears that all the victims were white.