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Blacks teens with hammers attacked four white people total (one died)

web_trafficLate Saturday night/early Sunday morning, a group of four or five black teens attacked three random white people, killing one of them. Police say one of the perps may have been Latino.

The attacks occurred near Bevo Mills, which is home to one of the largest Bosniak communities in the United States. All three victims are Bosniaks.

Zemir Begic, 32, his aunt Suad Nuranjkovic, 49, and his wife Arijana Mujkanovic were in a car when the black teenagers surrounded the vehicle. They climbed on the vehicle and started hitting it. Begic got out of the car and was horrifically murdered. Police say he was hit in the face, head, mouth, and abdomen with at least two different hammers.

Nuranjkovic hit one of the perps with the heel of her shoe and then fled on foot and got away. Arijana says that Begic protected her from being harmed during the attacked.

Another victim, Seldin Dzananovic, 24, was attacked one hour earlier. He fought off his attackers and survived with only minor cuts.

Sunday Evening, over fifty members of the Bosnian community protested at the scene of the murder. Police shut down a section of Gravois Ave.

However, the media is still censoring the crimes. Almost all media reports are censoring the race of the perpetrators. St. Louis police Chief Sam Dotson (@ChiefSLMPD) blatantly insulted the intelligence of the public, by proclaiming that the attacks were not racially motivated. Chief Sam Dotson expects us to believe that a groups of black males with hammers attacked people completely at random with disregard for what race they are, and it was just a coincidence that they were all three white people!

Dotson is even seen, on video telling, telling Bosnian protesters “he wasn’t killed because he is Bosnia.” This is one of the most asinine and disingenuous comments we have ever heard a police chief say. As if the black teenagers could really tell the difference between a Bosnia and an Irishman. The victims were attacked because they are white.

If the races had been reversed, this would be the single biggest news story in the Western world right now. Instead, local media is censoring their coverage and national media is ignoring it.

National organizations, like the Nation of Islam, are encouraging blacks males to commit racial violence in Ferguson.

In May of 2013, 19 year old Bosniak Haris Gogic was slaughtered by black males while he worked in a Bevo Mills convenience store.