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Brazilian man claims to have murdered 37 white females “for fun”

A Brazilian man, Sailson Jose das Gracas, says he killed 38 women, 2 males, and a baby over a period of nine years. He says he killed one woman and two men in contract killings. He says the rest are white females that he killed “for fun.” He said he killed most female victims by strangling them.

He was arrested for stabbing a female victim to death. Two other men have been arrested in connection with that murder. das Gracas says the other two men hired him to kill that woman.

Once in police custody, das Gracas confessed to killed two other men in contract killings. Then he says he killed 37 other white females “for fun” and to “calm down.” He says one of the victim’s had a baby, which he also killed.

Police have only confirmed four of the victims so far. However, police say his confession seems credible.

There have been several black serial killers in the United States who targeted white females exclusively.

From UK Daily Mail…

Sailson Jose das Gracas, 26, told police in Rio de Janeiro he would go out ‘on the hunt’ for white women after studying each victims for up to a month.

In an unreported reign of terror spanning nine years, Gracas claims to have murdered 37 women, two men and one two-year-old child in the outlying area of Rio de Janeiro known as Baixada Fluminense.

He said: ‘On occasions, he killed his victims and masturbated on seeing them with their eyes open.’

Police chief Pedro Henrique Medina, from the Baixada Fluminense Homicide Division, said Gracas voluntarily confessed to the murders have being caught in the act of murdering his latest victim.

He said he believed his testimony because only the author of the crimes could recall them in so much detail.

He said: ‘His desire to kill was for women, and he didn’t kill black women, just white. He followed the victim, studied her step by step until he managed to commit the crime.’

Gracas was arrested after stabbing to death a 26-year-old woman identified as Fatima Miranda, in her home in the town of Nova Iguaçu, Greater Rio de Janeiro.

During the investigation into her death, police officers arrested Gracas and two other people, Cleusa Blabina and Jose Messias, who were with Ms Miranda on the night of her death.

The three were arrested after giving contradictory versions of what happened when questioned by police.

After they were taken to the police station, Gracas admitted that he had been paid by the other two accomplices to murder Ms Miranda.

He also admitted killing two men for money, and then detailed the dozens of other women he had murdered for his own pleasure in his serial killing spree.

Gracas claimed commiting murder would help him ‘calm down’.