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Challenge: Name a white on black murder occurring in the past year?

Can you name an innocent black man, who was not committing a violent crime, that was murdered by a white perpetrator in the past year?

A large segment of the US media, professional “anti-racism” groups, and black power groups are all claiming that black people are being victimized by “racist” whites. They even hype a narrative that blacks live in fear of being killed for being black.

On Social media, black power activists hype Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown as blacks murdered by white people. Both were killed in justifiable self-defense shootings. Both were violently attacking an innocent person with potentially lethal force. In the case of Trayvon Martin, his own girlfriend testified in court that he called his victim a racial slur before the attack.

Recently the SPLC and MSNBC made a documentary called “Erasing the Hate.” It starred a white ex-con with a face full of prison tattoos. In exchange for getting free laser tattoo removal service, the ex-con made ambiguous and unspecific claims about allegedly being involved in mob violence against blacks. At no time in the documentary is an actual white on black crime ever cited. Then the documentary shows actors portraying what a white on black mob attack might look like.

This website has linked to dozens of actual videos of real life racially motivated black on white mob attacks. Yet, with the combined vast resources of the SPLC & MSNBC they had to show actors portraying a fictional white on black mob attack. This website has documented hundreds of black on white murders, many explicitly racially motivated, over the years. I can think of at least five white babies, and numerous white young white children murdered by black males in the past few years. MSNBC and the SPLC routinely go back as far as forty to fifty years to cite a white on black murder!

In the interest of total transparency and fairness, we want to give the most honest and accurate portrayal of interracial violence in the United States. Something the other side would never dream of doing.

We are sending out the word all over social media. Send us the names of black murder victims, who were not committing violence at the time, and were killed by a white perpetrator within the past year.

We will compile a list. See we aren’t afraid of open debate. We challenge the SPLC, with their 77 employees and $25 million a year budget, to send us a list of white on black murders. The SPLC monitors this website, but we will e-mail them this challenge directly just to make sure they see it. We will also be posting this challenge all over Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Send us the name of the victim and the location of the murder. Also try to send us the name of the perp and any other details you think is important.

We look forward to your response.

The tally so far:

We have received a lot of e-mails. However, most are for murders occurring before 2014. To date we have only found three black murder victims of two white perps that occurred in 2014.

We are looking for white on black murders, where the victim was not committing a felony at the time, occurring in 2014.