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“Conservative” FOX News censors and downplays murder of Zemir Begic

Saturday night/Sunday morning black teenagers screaming “kill the white people” attacked at least three whites. Zemir Begic had his face smashed in with two different hammers, killing him. FOX News is actually reporting that Begic’s wife was present during the murder, which would make her victim number four.

Three blacks have been arrested aged 15, 16, and 17. Police are looking for more suspects.

Yet, FOX News censors the race of the perpetrators, only calling them “teens.” However, FOX News writers felt the need to remind us at the top of the article that Mike Brown is “a black man.”

Then FOX News tells us FIVE TIMES that the killing was snot racially motivated. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary! Despite the fact the the perps were screaming “kill the white people.”

FOX News quotes St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, who has blatantly lied about the facts of the case. FOX News and Dotson think you are so stupid that you will actually believe that 4-5 black teenagers decided to start attacking people in a political/racial vacuum and it was a coincidence that all the victims happened to be white. They are also telling you that it is irrelevant that the perps were screaming about wanting to kill white people.

FOX News then disabled comments, so no one could refute their transparently disingenuous coverage.

Why did the only “conservative” cable news network feel the need to remind us that Mike Brown was black, but censor the race the perps in the murder? Why did they feel the need to say the murder was not racially motivated FIVE TIMES in the same article? The coverage by FOX News of this murder is on par with grocery store rags that report on Bat Boy and Sasquatch.

Remember, this is the same FOX News that perpetrated a dastardly and libelous hoax against Jared Taylor and American Renaissance in 2011. Even the far-left SPLC, which hates Jared Taylor, and other liberal media outlets stated right off the bat that FOX News was lying about Jared Taylor and American Renaissance. Once FOX News had been caught perpetrating the hoax, they doctored up their website and invented a fictional “source” to blame for their own misdeed. FOX News never issued a retraction or an apology.

Can FOX News really be called “conservative.” They are really just less far-left than CNN and MSNBC.

An eyewitness videotaped the victim being loaded into an ambulance. The witness says the perps were yelling “f$%ck the white man” and “kill the white people” right before the murder. FOX News thinks this is irrelevant. They claimed the murder was not racially motivated FIVE TIMES in the same article.