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FBI: Half of all people arrested for murder in 2011 were black

Between 1976-2000, blacks accounted for 53% of all murders and 57% of homicides. Since 2000, the percentage of Latinos has exploded. On average Latinos commit murder at one third the black rate, but three times the white rate.

Despite the surge in the population of Latinos, based on arrest records, blacks are still committing about half of all murders.

The FBI took arrest data from 12,031 agencies, representing most of the US population, for the year 2011. Keep in mind that blacks made up about 12.5% of the US.

Blacks accounted for:

49.7% of all arrests for murder

32.9% of all forcible rapes

55.6% of all arrests for robbery

43.6% of all arrests for prostitution and commercial vice

Note that the FBI still does not have a category for Latinos. All suspects who are white and Latinos, as well as Arab, Persian, Turkish, Albanian, Eurasian, Pakistani, or from the Indian sub-Continent, are all classified as “white.” So for example, the FBI lists 48.0% of the people arrested for murder as “white.” This means that more black people were arrested for murder than all the whites, and all the Latinos, and many other groups put together.