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Four recent cases of dead bodies found in burning cars in St. Louis

Since last September, at least four dead bodies have been found in burning cars in or near Fergsuon, MO. It appears that all the victims are black and all the perpetrators are black.

This is the what the media is ignoring while they hype Mike Brown.

September 4th – A car is set on fire with a dead body in it in St. Louis. Two black males were later arrested. Click Here.

November 10th – Ferguson man found dead in the trunk of a burning car. He had been shot. Then the car was driven to a secluded area in East St. Louis and set on fire. Click Here. Police are looking for a black male.

November 25th – DeAndre Joshua, 20, was killed and his body burned inside his own car. The murder took place in front of the Canfield Apartments during the Ferguson riots. The victim is black and police are looking for black suspects. Click Here.

December 19th – A car with a dead body in it is set on fire in northern St. Louis, close to Ferguson. The victim had been killed with gunshot wounds. Click Here.