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You can follow this website’s websites headlines on the top four social media platforms. We have added support for Reddit. This website has it’s own sub-channel called /r/StopBlackOnWhiteCrime/. This website will auto-post all headlines to this sub-channel as they are published.


We also recommend the following Facebook pages.

American White History Month (This page was up to 300k+ followers before being deleted without warning by the Facebook staff.)

Pissed off White Americans

White Heritage & History

White History Month

Paleo-Conservatives (This a Facebook page for this website. It automatically syndicates the headlines for this website.)

Also, follow the webmaster of this site on twitter.

Even though Facebook tries to censor conservatives, the medium is too big to ignore. Viral Facebook sharing has proven to be the most effective way, by far to promote this website. Right now, Facebook is the single most effective way to reach a large audience.